11 Fascinating Roofing Sales Pitch Strategies To Close Every Deal

July 13, 2023

​When it comes to roofing sales, there are a lot of different strategies that you can use to close more deals. In this blog post, we will be discussing 11 of the best roofing sales pitching strategies that you can use to increase your sales.

If you are in the roofing business, then you know that generating leads can be a challenge. Once you have a lead, you need to be able to close the deal and get the customer to purchase your product or services. To do this, you need to have a good sales pitch.

A good sales pitch should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What problem does your product or service solve?
  • How is your product or service unique?
  • What are the benefits of your product or service?

If you can answer these questions, then you are on your way to creating a great sales pitch. However, it is also important to know what strategies to use to deliver your sales pitch.

Here are 11 of the best roofing sales pitching strategies that you can use:

1. Show up Early

Simple yet of utmost significance. Many sales representatives are never completely aware of the fact that clients are evaluating you and the entire business. from your look to the reviews on the internet.

Being late is a bad start and shows the client that you lack professionalism. That is not how a sales pitch should begin. Instead, show up 10 minutes early for your presentation. Clients will like that.

2. The “I Can Relate” Strategy

In sales conversations with potential customers, it holds great value to demonstrate your understanding of their unique situation. One effective way to achieve this is by drawing upon your own experiences that parallel theirs.

By sharing relatable anecdotes, you convey that you have encountered similar challenges and can empathize with their needs.

Roofing Marketing
“Emotions Sell

This approach not only establishes a sense of relatability but also signifies your ability to comprehend their specific requirements. It reassures the customer that you are not simply offering generic solutions but rather tailoring your approach to address their concerns.

By showcasing your understanding through personal experiences, you enhance your credibility and build trust with the customer. They will feel more inclined to engage with you as they perceive you as someone who truly relates to their circumstances and can offer relevant solutions to meet their needs.

3. The We’ve Got You Covered”

It is vital to convince the client that you have a thorough strategy and have carefully considered every detail over the last phases of concluding a business. This calls for putting in place a well-thought-out plan and being equipped to handle any difficulties that could develop.

You build the customer’s trust by proving your readiness, reassuring them that they can rely on your knowledge and that their interests will be well-protected after they purchase from you.

A smooth and hassle-free experience for the consumer is something you commit to when you demonstrate that you have everything covered. It suggests that you have thought through every aspect, foreseen any potential difficulties, and developed plans to deal with them.

The client gains confidence from your degree of preparation since they see you as a trustworthy partner who will help them through the process and guarantee their happiness.

You allay any worries the client may have about prospective risks or uncertainties by demonstrating your capacity to handle a variety of scenarios and circumstances.

They may feel secure knowing that you are prepared to manage any difficulties that may emerge, boosting their confidence that, should they decide to forward with the purchase, they will be in good hands. Just as strategic Facebook ads got your back for lead generation with a lot of benefits.

4. The “It’s Your Decision” Roofing Sales Pitch Strategy

Roofing Sales Pitch Strategy

One way to close a deal is to let the customer know that it is their decision. This means that you are not going to pressure them into purchasing from you. Instead, you are going to give them all of the information they need and let them decide for themselves. This will show them that you respect their decision-making process and that you are not just trying to sell them something.

5. The “You Deserve It” Strategy

When selling your product or service in the roofing industry, it’s vital to make customers feel that they deserve it. This involves emphasizing how your offering will enhance their lives.

Demonstrate how your product or service will make their lives easier or help them save money. By showcasing the benefits they will gain, customers are more likely to choose your product or service.

To achieve this, highlight how your roofing product or service will bring convenience and simplify their lives. Explain how it can save them time and effort in maintaining or repairing their roof.

Emphasize the cost-saving aspects, such as reduced energy bills or long-term durability that will eliminate frequent expenses.

By focusing on these advantages, you help customers envision how your product or service will directly benefit them. This connection increases their likelihood of making a purchase, as they can see the tangible value it will bring to their lives.

6. The “I Believe In You” – Empathy Close

Express your confidence in their abilities and highlight how your product or service can support them in reaching their desired outcomes. Share success stories or testimonials from satisfied customers who have achieved similar goals with your assistance. This provides tangible evidence that reinforces your belief in their potential.

By demonstrating your genuine belief in their capabilities, you establish a strong rapport and build trust with customers. They are more likely to perceive you as a trusted partner who genuinely wants to help them succeed. This belief in their potential can be the differentiating factor that convinces them to choose your product or service over competitors.

Remember, the power of belief can be influential in sales, and by genuinely believing in your customers’ ability to achieve their goals with your help, you increase your chances of closing a successful deal.

7. Have a reason to buy at all times.

The second largest error I’ve noticed in sales presentations occurs frequently: not having a compelling reason to purchase. We’re about to make the worst roofing sales error ever!

The roofer obtains the job’s scope, takes measurements, estimates a cost, or, worse, promises to publish the cost in a few days.

Before another roofing company is suggested at work, the prospect’s price/quotation sits in the draw for a few months.

They, therefore, obtain the position, and our man is now history. Every day, in every city on the planet, this occurs.

Humans are bred to sit and reflect on things, to give them careful thought. When faced with a variety of options, we take a long time to decide, especially if it affects our wallets.

8. The “It’s Easy” Roofing Pitch Strategy

Sometimes, people don’t purchase something because they think it is too complicated or they don’t think they have enough time for it. If this is the case, then it is important to show the customer how easy your product or service is to use. You can do this by providing step-by-step instructions or by offering customer support. This will show the customer that they don’t have anything to worry about and that they can easily use your product or service without any problems.

9. The “You Won’t Regret It” Closer

When people are hesitant about purchasing something, it is often because they are afraid of regretting their decision later on. If this is the case, then it is important to reassure the customer that they won’t regret purchasing from you. You can do this by offering a money-back guarantee or by providing customer testimonials. This will show the customer that they can trust you and that they will be happy with their decision if they purchase from you.

10. Never Identify as a Sales Rep

Don’t sound like a salesperson, in line with the previous advice to avoid looking like one. You can be a surveyor, an estimator, or a real roofer; never refer to yourself as a sales representative to a customer. however, not a salesperson. Sales representatives are great in the retail industry, and customers don’t mind them. However, sales representatives in the home improvement sector have a bad reputation, and you don’t want that rep to hurt your chances of making a deal.

11. “Now or Never”

This sense of urgency can often compel individuals to purchase without delay, rather than risking the possibility of forgetting or missing out on your offer in the future.

When using the “now or never” strategy, emphasize the unique benefits or limited-time offers associated with your product or service. Communicate that delaying the decision may result in missing out on these advantages altogether. Highlight any time-sensitive promotions, discounts, or exclusive features that add value to the immediate purchase.

Roofing sales pitching strategy

By creating a sense of urgency, you motivate the customer to take action promptly, recognizing that the current moment provides the most advantageous circumstances. This approach helps prevent the opportunity from slipping away and encourages the customer to seize the benefits your product or service offers without hesitation.

Remember, effectively employing the “now or never” strategy can prompt customers to act swiftly and make a purchase, capitalizing on the present moment’s advantages while avoiding the risk of forgetting or losing interest in your offering.

Roofing Sales Starts Before Your Arriving:

If you’re a business representative, kindly skip this section and proceed to the next one. However, whether you hold the position of a company owner or sales manager in the roofing industry, it’s crucial to recognize that the sales process initiates well before you physically visit a client’s location.

By the time you arrive, customers have likely formed an impression of your company based on their interactions with your website, Facebook page, and online review platforms.

Nowadays, customers are increasingly reliant on conducting their research and don’t appreciate being spoon-fed information. They prefer to gather independent information. One of the most valuable types of customers is the one who reaches out to you after conducting thorough research.

In terms of your roofer marketing strategy, your goal should be to attract more leads like these informed customers while minimizing interactions with individuals who are merely browsing without serious intent.

You may have already invested in top-notch branding, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and other channels. It’s important to ensure that all your digital assets are fully functional and visually appealing leading to a hyperactive sales funnel.

Neglecting the quality and functionality of your trade-focused website or presenting a DIY-looking Facebook page can cause significant harm to local businesses, often without their awareness. So, You should optimize your page before running ads. Unleashing the best results with Facebook ads for your roofing companies.


For deals to close effectively, the art of roofing pitching must be mastered. You may fascinate clients, develop trust, and confidently close deals by using the 11 unique strategies offered. These tactics, which range from instilling a feeling of urgency to emphasizing the special advantages of your business, provide you the ability to stand out in a crowded market. By using these tried-and-true pitch strategies, you can up your sales game, increase conversion rates, and have a successful roofing business.

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