Exclusive Guide about Instagram ads for Med Spa in 2023?

February 8, 2023

Confused to run your marketing initiatives with Instagram? Instagram ads for med spa marketing are just amazing as it is soaring to new heights with its rapid expansion. This is due to its high revenue potential, with ad sales projected to reach $18.16 billion by 2021. Brands and marketers recognize its profitability, attracting big names to the platform.

But, even smaller aesthetic businesses can benefit from Instagram’s ad power. The social media platform’s aesthetic appeal makes it a prime location for med spas, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to showcase their services and reach their target audience.

So, as a med spa practitioner, leverage the power of Instagram ads for a medical spa to elevate your online presence and reach more customers with eye-catching ads and aesthetic-related content.

What are Instagram Ads for MedSpa?

Instagram ads are amazing ad means if you are in the aesthetic industry! Through Instagram Advertising, a variety of targeting options are accessible to marketers, making it simpler to build advertising, target the right audience, and even run advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

You can simply manage Instagram advertisements for your Med Spa business inside Facebook’s Ads Manager.

To a wide extent, Facebook and Instagram continue to be the most popular social networking sites. No other social media platform even comes close to Facebook in terms of user base or targeting options.

Therefore, you may have Instagram-only ads that play inside user stories when users switch between them and story ads that play inside user stories and appear in your audience’s newsfeed.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram and the aesthetic industry complement each other since they are both visually focused and designed with audiences with limited attention spans in mind. To turn visitors into customers, the majority of clinics mainly rely on eye-catching product images.

It seems like a no-brainer decision to repurpose these effective conversion-boosting photographs and discover how to promote them on Instagram a photo-sharing site.

Instagram ads for med spa

You can also manage where and who sees your adverts using Instagram advertising. Unlike sponsored partnerships, you post your adverts from your account. Only the amount of money, the target audience, and the location of the advertising themselves need to be chosen.

The advantages of implementing Instagram ads for your aesthetic company include:

  • Convenient platform
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable prices
  • Robust reporting for ongoing improvement
  • Visually appealing

Reaching thousands of engaged people without interfering with their surfing experience is one of the most notable benefits of ads.

Instagram ads for med spas resemble ordinary user-shared posts on the network nearly exactly. People interact with native advertisements for an average of 40% longer than they do with standard display ads. For those wanting to invest in new advertising platforms, this statistic is eye-opening.

How to create Instagram ads to thrive in your Med Spa?

To reach your target consumers and provide profitable outcomes, you need Instagram ads for medspa. Only 1–4% of the people who follow your page view your organic page postings. However, you may reach practically any audience you choose with advertisements.

The demographics between the ages of 18 and 35, which are dominated by women (48%) are ideal for the aesthetics business. To target this demographic, you can start producing Instagram advertisements straight inside the Facebook Ads Manager just like strategizing the Facebook ads but in a little different way.

Since you can manage both your Facebook and Instagram advertising in one location, it is simple.

But, Before getting to know what is essential before launching a campaign!

5 Vitals to Succeed with Instagram Ads For Med Spa

  1. Product and brand. Brand awareness efforts on Instagram don’t provide great results; it works best for unique businesses and items that can catch the viewer’s attention.
  2. Visuals: As was already said, the effectiveness of your advertisement will be largely dependent on its aesthetic appeal. Before you start advertising on Instagram, make sure you have some eye-catching content to display.
  3. Page on Facebook: Funny enough, you need to create a Facebook business page to run advertisements on Instagram. No way out of this one.
  4. The landing page: Where will you direct all the traffic? To maximize the effectiveness of that call to action button, have a landing page prepared. If your homepage is structured for conversions, it also functions.
  5. Instagram account: You can still run ads without one, but it’s a good idea to use it first to have a better understanding of the interface and the site before spending money on it.

How do you launch your first Instagram advertisement? It’s rather easy to understand:

Open your Facebook account, go to your advertising manager, and create a new campaign

1. Editor is a Must:

You should take into account the size of your aesthetic business and the number of advertisements you intend to run simultaneously when selecting the tool to utilize.

The Power Editor may be your best option if you’re handling a lot of campaigns or need fine-grained control over your campaigns. But for the sake of this post, we’ll utilize the Ad Manager since it meets the demands of the majority of marketers. Facebook ads can be done the same way.

After choosing an editor, you’ll have the choice of seeing all campaigns or starting a new one. You should establish a new campaign if you wish to run an Instagram ad.

2. Choose an Ad Campaign Objective.

You must specify your goal when you start a new campaign. Your Instagram advert will be driven by this goal while it runs.

From so many solutions we divided into the three major categories of awareness, consideration, and conversion, you may select an objective. You can select from the following ad types:

  1. Brand recognition: Most effective for targeting Instagram users who would engage with your advertisement. It all comes down to increasing brand awareness.
  2. Reach: Perfect if you want your adverts to be seen by as many people as possible. If driving traffic to your Med Spa website, app, or landing page is your primary target, select this objective.
  3. Lead generation: This advertising objective is most appropriate for those who are intrigued about or want to know more about your medspa company.
  4. Engagement: This is perfect if you want to connect with users who can like, comment on, or share your advertisement
  5. Conversions: Encourage patients to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for your appointments.

The preceding objectives are the best ones to create for marketing your Med Spa business. You may also set targets for messages, catalog sales, and store visitors.

When choosing the goal of your Instagram advertising, you must exercise caution. Instagram may reject your ad if you select the incorrect purpose, such as making a traffic ad for a video campaign.

Additionally, if you select the incorrect aim for the campaign, you will undoubtedly waste your advertising investment.

3. Let’s Name Your Med Spa Business Campaign:

You may name your campaign once you’ve decided on your ad objective. For marketers who wish to manage all of their med spa advertisements in the Instagram ads manager, this is strongly advised.

ad placements for med spa business

So be careful to give your campaign a thoughtful name. Your adverts should be named in a way that makes it simple to locate them and monitor their effectiveness. Testing out several iterations of your advertisement can also be of interest to you. You may efficiently optimize your budget across ad sets with this assistance.

Any social media ad you run should include A/B tests. To determine which ad sets perform the best and to allocate the most money to them, you should test many ad versions or ad sets against one another.

Based on the outcomes of the split test, you may decide whether to do this or set the budget for each ad set manually.

4. Select Your Ad Placements

While selecting your audience is the first step in creating an Instagram ad campaign, it is most beneficial to choose your Instagram-only placements first.

Having this figured out is highly essential because different ad functionalities are accessible for different positions.

Just deselect Facebook and Audience Network from the list of platforms to simplify your ad and create restrictions that ensure it only appears on Instagram.

5. Laser Target your Audience:

You are now prepared for audience targeting. Also, there are several ways to precisely target your audience on Instagram.

Since it helps you to get down to the nitty-gritty of Instagram advertising, targeting your audience is crucial.

med spa marketing with instagram

Remember that if you target everyone and everyone, your advertising cash will be wasted. You have an opportunity to pinpoint the precise characteristics, interests, and conduct of your Med Spa’s target market.

You may select to target an audience using the following audience types inside the advertising manager:

1. Geographical location: Select or exclude audiences according to where they are located. Drill down to specifics, like postal codes and addresses, or by big areas, such as nations, regions, continents, etc.

2. Gender: Select whether you want men or women to see your Instagram ads. But women are always more interested in med spa treatments so target them.

3.  Detailed Targeting: There are three subcategories within this category:

a. You can include or omit persons depending on their living styles, levels of education, and employment positions using demographic information.

b. Interests: You may filter users based on the Pages they liked, the events they went to, and similar topics using Interests.

c. Behaviours: Purchase, activity, and trip intents can be helpful.

4. Languages: If you’re trying to reach people who speak a different language, this targeting may be beneficial.

You should build lookalike audiences based on the pixels you’ve put on your med spa website or certain landing pages when it comes to audience targeting.

These users have been to your website, or you might be able to build a lookalike audience using users that exhibit comparable behaviors and interests.

4.  Be Relevant: 

You cannot satisfy everyone’s needs in one way. Additionally, writing universally appealing ads implies you will reach no one. Your ads need to be directed at a certain group of people and provide a relevant offer. People will just scroll past your advertisement if it is irrelevant without giving it a second consideration.

5.  Ad budget Should be Done Precisely:

Let’s explore your ad budget. Remember that you have complete control over when and how much you want to spend on your advertisements.

There are two methods you may use to determine your advertising budget:

  • Budget per day
  • Annual budget

Your advertisements will continue to run with a daily budget until the authorized sum is achieved. You may also specify the start and end dates.

On the other hand, lifetime budgets will last for a specific time. This enables you to plan the timing and duration of your advertising campaigns.

You could want your Instagram advertising to appear throughout the week or on the weekends. It’s simple to select the days and hours that your Instagram advertising will be seen by your target market.

You could want your Instagram ads to display throughout the week or on the weekends. It’s simple to select the days and hours that your advertising will be seen by your target market.

6. Look at Your Ad Format:

It’s time to go forward when you’ve designed a campaign, specified your goal, and decided on an ad budget and time frame. This time, select “Continue” to return to your dashboard for ad creation.

Here, you may compose your ad copy, submit your content, and publish your advertisement.

This tutorial may help you refresh your memory on the optimal Instagram formats and sizes, which is necessary if you want to post the right-sized ad assets.

According to the ad objective you choose while making your Instagram ads for med spa, here are the various ad formats including:

  1. Photo ads: Square or landscape photos with or without text overlay helps to target the audience visually.
  2. Video ads: Square or landscape videos up to 60 seconds long making them great for med spa practices. Videos let you convey more dynamic material, but viewers must pause their browsing to see it all. Early on in the video, you need to swiftly grab their interest. 
  3. Carousel ads: Multiple scrollable photos or videos in a single ad. You may make a series of up to 10 images or videos for one advertisement. Carousals can be great to sell your beauty products.
  4. Stories ads: Vertical full-screen ads that appear in between user-generated stories. Your target audience will see the content when they scroll through the stories of the profiles they follow.
  5. Collection ads: Interactive shopping ads that show product images and prices. Excellent for displaying the “Before” and “After” effects of your med spa practice.
  6. Reels ads: 15-second to 60-second video ads that appear in the Reels feed. If you have enticing, brief videos that people would be interested in watching and sharing, you might want to employ this Instagram ad type.
  7. Explore ads: Image or video ads that appear in the Explore tab, allowing businesses to reach a wider, more diverse audience.
  8. IGTV ads: Since IGTV ads may last up to 15 seconds, you should stick to many of the same suggestions as above, starting with your main point.

You may choose from a variety of Instagram advertising that they provide, enabling you the creative flexibility to produce something amazing and accomplish your objectives. Some formats depend on their location and availability to use.

7. Test Many Versions of Your Campaign

Once your ads have been prepared, it is crucial to test many iterations to see which one works the best. See how the performance of your med spa advertisement changes if you alter the picture, the title, or the call-to-action phrase.

Set Up A Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting aids in maintaining mindshare with the consumer when they are considering which med spa service to employ because the sales cycle (i.e., the amount of time it takes for a prospect to buy) might be lengthy. Create retargeting campaigns based on users who connected with your Facebook and Instagram ads, anybody who interacted with your page, and any users who visited your website. Last but not least, import your client lists into your Facebook advertising account and retarget the individuals on that list.


Instagram ads may genuinely transform your Med Spa social media marketing plan. It will undoubtedly assist you in reaching the proper audience, particularly those who are motivated to enhance their appearance and health.

Having said that, it’s critical to update your Instagram company profile. Ensure you have all the details a patient may require to work with you, including your business hours, contact information, location, and the medical spa services you provide.

Always try to persuade potential customers and patients to schedule a free appointment. Since the consultation is free, this is a fantastic approach to get people enthused about your offerings.


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